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Bernabeleva – donde los osos vagan

De un tiempo a esta parte existe cierto bullicio en la escena vinícola del oeste de Madrid. Productores selectos de vinos de garnachas de cepas viejas han estado haciendo la ola desde que dos jóvenes pioneros consiguieron los codiciados 100 puntos de Robert Parker en 2016. El premio propició algo parecido a la fiebre del oro en “el nuevo Gredos” cuando bodegas consolidadas, inversores … Read More Bernabeleva – donde los osos vagan


Bernabeleva – Where Bears Roam

For some time now there has been a buzz on the wine scene emanating from the west of Madrid. Boutique producers of old-vine garnachas have been making waves ever since two young pioneers scooped the coveted 100 points from Robert Parker in 2016. The award sparked something akin to a gold rush in ‘the new Gredos’, as established wineries, investors and chancers alike all … Read More Bernabeleva – Where Bears Roam


Spring is in the air

What is it that tells you that spring is on its way? For some it may be the first signs of blossom on the almond trees or perhaps the lighter evenings. For me it is a cryptic text from my friend Martin that simply reads ‘They’re here’, accompanied by a photo of a white cardboard box. Nestled inside the box, fresh from Catalonia, are bundles … Read More Spring is in the air