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Albillo Real – Home at Last

It all started with lunch at Vinoteca Moratín in the heart of the city. Having ordered sardines as a starter, the waitress suggested that we should pair them with a white wine from Madrid.  While I may not have replied, ‘Do we have to?’ I definitely put up some stiff resistance. However, her unswaying confidence and my ignorance about its grape variety – Albillo … Read More Albillo Real – Home at Last


The Spanish Guitar – Rioja

The Spanish guitar – Rioja If it were possible for the sound of an instrument to distil the spirit of a people, then surely the Spanish guitar does just that. Indeed, the opening phrase of the Adagio in Rodrigo’s Concierto de Aranjuez arguably says as much about the Spanish disposition as any historian or commentator has ever managed. Having fallen into a steady decline … Read More The Spanish Guitar – Rioja